Oasis Technology: Identifying and Curbing Intrusion and Hacking Attempts with Titan

George Baldonado, President & CEO
Dismayed with ineffective solutions that couldn’t protect the company from repetitive intrusion and hacking attacks, Oasis Technology took to developing their own security product. Interestingly, they turned this roadblock into their favor by launching a turnkey product—Titan—which placed Oasis in the cyber and network security business. This invention also gave the company an upper hand on their competitors as Titan offered full intrusion prevention capabilities lacking in other devices. Apart from Titan which operates as a high speed outer layer to protect internet access, Oasis also provides complete outsourced managed IT services along with cloud consulting. The company mainly focuses on curbing the challenges that arise from four emerging technologies—Big Data, security, quality assurance, and the Internet of Things.

Security risks and data breaches today are a recurrent issue and companies need a platform that offers more than just cyber security. Titan signifies new age cyber intelligence and includes patented software and hardware that is easy to install. It is a unique black box that senses and protects against security holes. The Intrusion Prevention System/IPS easily adjusts itself to rules of a specific environment, and stops attacks—a feature absent in firewalls. "Firewalls do not “learn”—they are stateful, versus dynamic. Titan uses a different type of technology that automatically adjusts to the attacks and responds accordingly," informs George Baldonado, President and CEO, Oasis Technology.

Starting his entrepreneurial journey as the founder of Oasis in 1979, Baldonado credits his interest in programming to a short course which he just happened to take in college. Commenting on the Sony hack, where 100 TB of data was stolen, Baldonado is of the opinion that organizations should pay more attention to data security. This thought ties in with Oasis’ free external scanning to find holes in the network for public service companies.

When the topic of concern is networking, Big Data cannot be far behind—and Oasis is developing technology to address the issues that surface in this domain. “Big Data is growing exponentially.
Organizations own massive terabytes of data that require backup, often in the cloud, which takes a substantial amount of time. And in case a drive fails, restoring the data stands as a crucial blockade,” observes Baldonado. Currently to address these issues, Oasis uses a combination of vendors, but in the near future, they plan to patent their own hardware. Faster data transfer and effective data backup solutions are the company’s prime focus as, according to Baldonado, they stand as a looming concern for organizations.

Another factor with IT solutions today is, while users expect ease of use, the onus lies on technology with complex implementation procedures. Oasis’ solutions are dependable, have low maintenance and come with full value for money. “A lot of our competitors don’t look at solutions from the users’ eyes. We address the complexity of technology and tie it up with quality assurance and innovation,” reveals Baldonado.

We are compatible with all firewalls, focusing only in the areas that are lacking in other network security systems

Owing to this drive for innovation, Oasis helped a large telecommunications company solve a problem related to customer complaints that no one else in the market could solve. The client needed a method to gather or track their customer complaints which came in different formats—phone calls, voice mails, and emails. “Through our solution, the client was able to organize all their data into a single repository and we have been continuously upgrading it since its implementation,” says Baldonado.

Having fulfilled their short term plans of patenting some of their solutions, Oasis now plans on taking Titan to the mass market as their long term goal. The next couple of years will see the company launching more security products in the field with their brand name

Oasis Technology

Camarillo, CA

George Baldonado, President & CEO

Provides complete outsourced managed IT services, cloud consulting and enablement and security solutions.