Unifying the Distributed Enterprise with MPLS Mesh

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Unifying the Distributed Enterprise with MPLS Mesh

Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) based network solutions are emerging as a viable alternative for distributed enterprises with the need of a converged MPLS network for all of their mission critical applications and services. 

The advantages of MPLS are especially desirable for distributed enterprises. However, these organizations face unique challenges in implementing MPLS services. This white paper explores these challenges and how the AireSpring MPLS Mesh product addresses them.

It provides the much needed perspective on managed MPLS services and helps to understand the architecture, business value and benefits of the service.

Inside this White Paper:

  • The Distributed Enterprise MPLS Challenge - Major Challenges encountered by distributed enterprise

  • Multiple MPLS Providers - Ubiquitous access, with a cost

  • Business Value of MPLS – Convert the network benefits of Managed MPLS into business value

  • Enhanced features of Multi-Protocol Label Switching - Is Managed MPLS the future?

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