Brightstar and Kii Collaborate to Bring Affordable IoT Products to the Consumer
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Brightstar and Kii Collaborate to Bring Affordable IoT Products to the Consumer

By CIOReview | Wednesday, May 13, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Brightstar and Kii enter into collaboration where they will work with IoT-based OEMs, service providers, developers, and retailers to bring affordable IoT devices to consumers.

As demand for smartphone has reportedly passed its prime, it’s time for businesses across the digital spectrum to look beyond and IoT forms the perfect business case for greater return on investments. Tapping this opportunity, Brightstar and Kii will work in synergy to build a global ecosystem for IoT that will be act as a platform that paves for faster monetization of a business’ IoT investments.

Termed as ‘Space: The Infinity of Things’, the ecosystem has something to offer to every entity in the IoT industry. Manufacturers can discover new selling opportunities; developers will have access to diverse platforms including devices, chipsets and operating systems empowering them to build innovative IoT solutions; service providers and retailers can jointly source connected products and achieve faster time to market.

The new IoT platform built under the collaboration would provide a conducive environment for creating innovative IoT products and services that are built in a cost effective manner so that prices set against these offerings doesn’t scare the consumer away.

According to the deal, cloud services from Alibaba IoT division will be leveraged to build the IoT solutions. Brightstar and Kii will be working with companies such as Toshiba, ThroughTek, iFit, SoftBank Commerce & Service Corp., and more to fructify their IoT efforts.

“Brightstar’s expertise in wireless distribution and specialized services is unparalleled and we are in the ideal position to facilitate collaboration in the IoT market within the mobile industry,” said Atsushi Taira, Brightstar’s Chief Planning and Optimization Officer. “Our goal is to accelerate the go-to-market process of these innovative products by connecting operators and retailers with the right mix of IoT devices at affordable price points for consumers.”