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GCI's Small Cell as a Service (SCaaS) Raises 3G and 4G Network Coverage Capability

By CIOReview | Thursday, December 3, 2015

ORLANDO, FL: GCI enters into a multi-year contract with ClearSky with the goal of commercializing Small Cell as a Service. As part of the agreement, the companies together work towards improving the network coverage in the region of Alaska. The SCaaS technology provides high-quality voice, high-speed data and additional values to services in residential, office and public areas with its consistent high quality network.

ClearSky is a provider of hosted infrastructure to mobile operators and SCaaS, whereas GCI offers communication services to enterprise customers with complex data networking needs.

In Alaska, high mountains and low valleys do not favor mobile coverage. As a smart move, GCI fills coverage gaps and delivers a consistent, reliable service as per the benefactor’s demand. The run for a satisfied network starts by deploying residential small cells to resolve the poor in-house coverage issue, while it also opts for small cell access points to raise network capacity for enterprise customers.

 “Our strategy is to leverage small cell technology as a churn prevention tool by improving in-home and in-building coverage, and thereby increasing overall customer satisfaction,” says Dan Boyette, Vice President of Wireless at GCI.

ClearSky’s SCaaS has already brought-in their small cell ecosystem for 3G and 4G networks in other parts of the world. Its operational set up includes a small cell gateway, RAN management system, Small Cell Service Center for automated provisioning and integration to legacy OSS/BSS systems as applicable for residential, enterprise and outdoor deployments.

“As the only provider of SCaaS in the Americas, ClearSky allows us to accomplish those goals at a fraction of the cost and in half the time it would take to address the issues internally” adds Dan.