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Microsoft Skype TX Streamlines Live Broadcasting of Real-time Multimedia

By CIOReview | Tuesday, September 16, 2014

FREMONT, CA: Riedel Communications, provider of real-time video, audio, data, and communications networks, releases STX-200 broadcast-grade professional interface through which any skype user can connect to the professional broadcast environment. It enables broadcasters to engage both reporters and viewers in live programming. The product is licensed by Microsoft.

With Microsoft Skype TX on board, live content from reporters can be streamed to the on-air production. Its implementation in Riedel’s intercom solutions means that the company can provide even more powerful, flexible applications, and workflows. Besides offering broadcast-quality HD-SDI and balanced XLR audio, the interface unit also includes remote management and monitoring of Skype calls.

Skype TX which was announced by Microsoft as the solution that would enable broadcasters to incorporate Skype video calls into their television product workflows. The solution is being getting wide acceptance as many providers of hardware and software for broadcasters including NewTek, Quicklink, are lining up for this product.

Salient benefits of Skype TX are: blocks notifications, ads or pop-ups; automatically adjusts for aspect-ratio mismatches; auto fallback to still; operator previews; call quality monitoring

“We are very proud of the result of this collaboration with Microsoft,” said Thomas Riedel, CEO of Riedel Communications. “By enabling use of a tremendous volume of new content, the STX-200 will change the way broadcasters interact and engage with their viewers. Broadcasters now have live access to quality video from the more than 300 million regular Skype users around the world, and the STX-200 equips them to take the best of this content to engage the imaginations and minds of their audiences.”