Network Operators Rejoice, IBM Brings Network Innovation Centers
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Network Operators Rejoice, IBM Brings Network Innovation Centers

By CIOReview | Friday, March 27, 2015

FREMONT, CA: The well acknowledged fact of the booming mobile traffic is a predicament to the sensibility of the morbid world. Telecom operators and the networking departments from large enterprises get to taste this truth first hand before any one else. Keeping the cost shallow is another challenge and a business rule as well: IBM comes with its latest ‘Network Innovation Centers’ allowing these businesses to address their key concerns and come on top of their challenges.

What’s about Innovation?

Real-time decision making apropos to the varying network load paves for better bandwidth utilization and efficient network usage. The upshot is cost benefits and businesses need that, don’t they?

IBM through these new innovation centers offers telecom and large enterprise' networking operators with a platform where they can test and experience new network technologies from IBM and a variety of alliances including Brocade, Cisco, Citrix, Juniper Networks, Riverbed, and VMware. Operators can evaluate these solutions for integration into their existing IT environments.

Brewing automation through enhanced software control enables telecom operators and enterprises to launch new services and applications in quick time in a simpler manner. Dynamic management of network resources through software programs enables operators to better manage the ebb and flow of the demand with fewer networking resources.

These two innovation centers – located in France and the U.S. – can be accessed by clients to explore SDN, virtualization, and analytics-driven automation technologies and services for their data and communication networks.