Rivet Networks Unveils Killer E2400 to Create Traffic-free Network Experience
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Rivet Networks Unveils Killer E2400 to Create Traffic-free Network Experience

By CIOReview | Monday, August 17, 2015

AUSTIN, TX: Experience of performance users and gamers on internet are soon going to be great as Rivet Networks, a technology and products company, launches the new Killer E2400- an advanced networking detection and prioritization technology.

The company has released this new network processor to improve network-related performance in video games, multimedia and bandwidth demanding applications. The Killer E2400 provides better performance, improved latency, and better powerful network control. It also removes video freezes, so that users can play, watch and stream games simultaneously.  

The main highlights of the Killer E2400 are it automatically prioritize network traffic for online games, HD videos and specific websites for better quality and fewer break offs through advanced stream detect 2.0. The other important feature is lag and latency reduction technology, which is developed to improve the online performance and due to this feature the Killer E2400 gives up to 50 percent lower latency.

Apart from this, Visual bandwidth control is the third feature that the new Killer E2400 offers. It determines which applications and websites have dominating bandwidth and gives users the control to optimize performance, however, it only allows setting up of six priority levels for different types of applications to users.

Moreover, the E2400 can be coupled with another E2400 chip using Killer DoubleShot Pro technology or with the Killer Wireless-AC 2 by 2 Wi-Fi 802.11 ac solution. The new launch will be first available on the mainboards with the partnership of MSI and GIGABYTE.

Commenting on the product, Michael Cubbage, CEO of Rivet Networks, says, “Rivet Networks prides itself on constantly raising the bar for both traffic detection and traffic prioritization to deliver the ultimate online experience. GIGABYTE and MSI have both made superior networking performance a priority for their new motherboards and the new Killer E2400 will give their customers the absolute best online experience.”