gen-E: Determining Quality of Service with Advanced Analytics

Marc Hayden, CEO
Conventional wisdom holds that as the competition rises, quality service will be an essential factor for any organization. At present, this is true for service providers in the networking space, requiring a common interface to assess their services for an optimal customer experience. Traditionally, the network operations team had to check service assurance plat¬forms for issues and then act on it. With gen-E, a provider of service assurance, analytics, and managed services, enterprises can boost their efficiency by optimizing their services with real-time analysis and actionable insights. “We collect the data, drive actionable intelligence, and present it in a single dashboard,” begins Marc Hayden, CEO, gen-E.

Headquartered in Irvine, CA, gen-E delivers OpsCenter for optimizing network operations while maximizing the service quality. “With OpsCenter, we are evolving the traditional service assurance and migrating with new technology and operational constructs,” says Hayden. The CEO stresses on the necessity to focus on not only the physical layer but also the application layer of data transmission through the network. The offering collects data across various domains and correlates it to provide a greater degree of visibility of the service to the customer. “What we have done is focused on the ability to provide cross domain data surveillance, and basically configure that domain in a correlation function so that network operators and IT leaders can look at their end-to-end service like VoIP or Video over IP amongst others,” explains Hayden. The solution concentrates on the core network transport and access network. OpsCenter, powered by the IBM ITSM suite, empowers IT operations by providing instantaneous and historical analytics to identify, isolate, and resolve problems before they affect the business. In addition to actionable data, it reduces Netcool deployment time, speeds time to value, and improves fault data visibility.

With OpsCenter, gen-E focuses on understanding their client’s procedure and policies to provide appropriate suggestions based on the data. “We address concerns in operational process level and help our client gain the visibility into those processes.And by understanding their objectives and goals like reducing operational cost and increasing efficiency, we recommend them to structure their services in an efficient fashion,” states Hayden.

We address concerns in operational process level and help our client gain the visibility into those processes

gen-E also provides InfiniView, a business intelligence platform leveraging advanced analytics to provide real-time overview of the services’ performance. It is an analytics package, examining the key performance indicators primarily based on industry best practices. “The algorithms are embedded within the solution and we have a mediation solution where we can capture data from disparate sources,” says Hayden.

At one instance, a communications service provider had domain-specific network. With the company’s offering, the service provider deployed VoIP and VoLTE. gen-E deployed their solutions and enabled the client to witness a holistic view of their service rather than traditional network domains. With this capability on-board, gen-E helped them in improving their organizational construct with escalation and communication methodology.

“On the intellectual property side, we leverage these solutions with operational and software development expertise for adding value to the customer,” says Hayden. gen-E also emphasizes on services around partner solutions, such as IBM Tivoli NetCool, and delivers its expertise in selling, deploying, and supporting these solutions.

In the years to come, the accuracy in real-time capabilities will increase the complexity in networks. Therefore, gen-E envisions itself further developing its IP as well as migrating towards the managed services arena for simplifying the complications and enabling the service providers to deliver quality. “We see an opportunity where we can address the challenges and take control over the management configuration support of these tools and allow our customers to focus on their network services,” concludes Hayden.


Irvine, CA

Marc Hayden, CEO

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