Ziften: Collaboration between Network and Security Operations

Chuck Leaver, CEO
Organizations are under pressure to take cost out of the business while also enabling the business to be more responsive. “Many of the organizations we talk to are in the midst of moving some portion of their requirements to public, hybrid or private cloud environments,” says Chuck Leaver, CEO of Ziften. “Our customers are motivated by a need to be agile and deliver innovation for the business.” This paves the way to increased complexity as companies must support legacy and new architectures simultaneously. “At the same time the bad guys are getting smarter and they are becoming increasingly patient,” says Leaver. Threats are on the rise and security solutions designed for the enterprise of the past are proving to be limited in their effectiveness. To this need, Ziften plays a significant role at the forefront by offering its unique solution— Endpoint Detection and Response— specifically designed to operate in the complex and evolving networks of today.

As an ardent history lover, avid runner, and reader, Leaver, has always been passionate to create a working culture where innovation and creativity thrive. He gleans insight from the ways in which history has proven that learning from both successes and failures is critical to innovation.

Since its inception in 2010, the firm has built a team with deep security and operational expertise to design solutions that meet the increasing security threats faced by customers in the context of today’s evolving IT environments. “Sophisticated analytics and machine learning technologies are at the core of the Ziften’s solutions,” emphasizes Leaver. These technologies enable advance detection and critical insights into both remediation and response to threats.Further, sophisticated analytics are applied to patterns related to network traffic at the endpoint, incorporating ZFlowTM capabilities for capturing network context and identifying suspicious patterns from both known and unknown threat sources.

Sophisticated analytics and machine learning technologies are at the core of the Ziften’s solutions

Ziften also provides insights into specific malicious activity and patterns of network traffic that speed identification and remediation of configuration issues in the network. Ziften’s rich eco-system of technology integrations with partners enhances both the insights and the operational integration of Ziften into enterprise environments. All of these insights are applied and analyzed as endpoints move across clouds, datacenters, and networks. “We persist, to make our solutions better and to make our customers more successful through faster detection, remediation, and avoidance of loss of their corporate reputations,” elucidates Leaver. This lightweight, modular, and extensible endpoint solution is easy to install within hours and can scale to provide continuous monitoring for hundreds to tens of thousands of servers, desktops, and laptops.

As enterprises are migrating to infrastructure as a service (IaaS) providers like AWS, Azure, or Rackspace, the network and security operations teams are losing visibility into critical infrastructure elements that they have relied upon in the past. In an instance, by implementing Ziften, a customer benefitted from early detection of a DDoS (distributed denial of service) attack on their cloud infrastructure, enabling them to mitigate the situation and prevent any loss of service for their clients.

Ziften has expanded post-haste in a short span with continued growth in the horizon through their pragmatic solution; the firm is truly destined to be a behemoth in years to come. The firm’s focus lies in incessantly enhancing the ease of use and achieving results with their solutions through UI/UX enhancements, increased scalability, improved performance, and enhancements.


Austin, TX

Chuck Leaver, CEO

Provides continuous real-time visibility and intelligence, enabling incident prevention, detection, and response