ANEXIO: Cutting-Edge and Turnkey Networking

Tony Pompliano, CEO
Tony Pompliano, President and CEO of ANEXIO, has his eyes locked on the screen displaying the network architecture and data center requirements of a fast-growing enterprise customer. Pompliano convinced the large-scale client to leave their current provider and he is overseeing their move to his company’s hyper-scale data center facilities and purpose-built network. This was just the latest win in what is shaping up to be a banner year for the fast-charging Managed IT Services company known as ANEXIO.

Pompliano is an entrepreneur and recognized industry expert in cloud networking and data center management. His leadership, determination and proven track record has guided ANEXIO to a compounded annual growth rate of 127 percent over the last three years. Pompliano tells everyone that the secret to his success is that he lives to serve the customer. Customer satisfaction fuels everything he does.

ANEXIO’s singular customer focus helped the company quickly realize that their latest enterprise customer wasn’t just looking for colocation space. By listening to the customer’s stated and unstated needs, Pompliano and team understood right away that this new client needed a combination of Mission Critical Infrastructure, high-speed networking and Managed IT Services to connect and scale their solutions internationally.

“When I draw our solutions portfolio on a whiteboard there is a network layer, a data center layer and a desktop layer,” highlights Pompliano. “Inside each layer is a purpose-built collection of products and services engineered to the highest industry standards. Customers instantly understand the power of working with ANEXIO.”

ANEXIO’s best-in-class carrier grade ANEXIO LightSpeed network is powered by the combination of the company’s DWDM (Metro Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing) backbone, MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) techniques and LISP (Location Identifier Separation Protocol) routing and addressing architecture to create a self-healing, highly secure, low latency and extremely fast network.

“Our engineers designed the ANEXIO LightSpeed network with customers in mind,” added Pompliano. “We built the network infrastructure with the highest-quality hardware and we added unique self-healing capabilities to ensure customer uptime.
We believe we deliver the most customizable network services at the best price point in the market today.”

ANEXIO’s ongoing success is proof that the company’s network provides ubiquitous and secure access to a customer’s data and applications which in turn enables that customer to unleash the true value of their data center investment. The same holds true in the rapid adoption of ANEXIO’s cloud-enabled hybrid approach where ANEXIO helps customers make a smooth transition from their legacy IT environments to a more efficient Hybrid Cloud infrastructure.

ANEXIO lives to serve our customers. Customer satisfaction fuels everything we do. We are focused on understanding and solving business challenges for our customers

Overall, ANEXIO’s end-to-end networking approach alleviates a lot of headaches from the customer’s end. Pompliano reports that ANEXIO handles everything for the customer from carrier selection and network access between equipment and meet-me rooms to establishing direct connections with major public cloud providers, geographically dispersed telecom hotels, and leading carriers around the world.

The company’s skilled team of network professionals help customers design, implement and manage their network infrastructure. ANEXIO’s multiple peering points and transport options allow organizations to purchase exactly what they need, with the ability to scale as their business dictates.

ANEXIO’s networking expertise is complemented by their eight data centers. These facilities are protected round-the-clock with physical barrier setups, personnel, and technology such as biometric surveillance, and multiple layers of checkpoints and card-controlled access.

ANEXIO has seen significant growth in revenue, acquisitions, and customer base. We expect to hear much more from this leading provider of desktop to data center services in the years ahead.


Raleigh, NC

Tony Pompliano, CEO

ANEXIO delivers turnkey networking solutions and mission critical data center facilities that are highly secure, reliable, and scalable